Manuscript Coach

A large portion of the population will have a book in them at some point in their life, waiting to come out, which begs the question - What are you waiting for?

For the time to be right
For thoughts to be organized
For kids to be older
For work to be slower
For more inner faith
For more self confidence 

… the list of reasons why we don’t write is abundant, and the side effects are equally abundant. I know writing as a practice of getting out what is jamming up my system and a pathway to gaining wisdom and clarity. And quite often this brings wisdom and clarity to others too! The truth is sharing our stories can be massively healing as a writer and a reader. 

If you are reading this now, THIS IS YOUR SIGN! It's time to get that book that is inside of you out and into the world … and I want to support you.

What will you get? A lot!

Discovery Call (30 min) FREE

  • to talk about your project and discuss procedure

Initial Set Up Zoom Meeting (1-2 hours)

  • to create a basic structure as a launching point

  • includes notes from our meeting

Twice Monthly Zoom Meetings (1 hour)

  • to help flush out ideas, flow and accountability

  • Includes notes from our meeting

Twice Monthly Proofreads and Edits

  • Send me your new written work - I send you edit suggestions

    • 1 edit per body of writing

Text Message Support (unlimited) FREE  

  • In the moment support during office hours (M, T, T, F 9-4)

  • Excludes holidays


And your investment:

First month: $600*

Subsequent Months - $400*

Yearly Contracts available starting at $4000 (contact me for more information)

*50% deposit required monthly

*additional coaching time and edits charged hourly @ $60/hour

*no contract term required